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Sample Menus

If you are thinking of booking a buffet, wedding meal, birthday celebration, office lunch, outdoor or any other catering with us, you will find these sample menus useful.

You can use the sample menus in a few different ways:

  1. If you want to email and say - for example - 'I would like menu 2 from your fork and finger buffet selection' that is fine.
  2. We are also happy for you to mix and match menus, then fill in the booking request form.
  3. Or pick a few items from our main menu listing. Fill in the booking request form and we'll put together a menu which you can check and if necessary tweak. If you have a budget to stick to just let us know when you fill in the form.

So, here are the sample menus...

Buffets work well at birthday celebrations, weddings, meetings and similar events. These sample menus include finger buffets and fork buffets.

Pop Up Cafe and Restaurant Nights
We are available to run pop up cafe nights or lunches. We have so far held them at Wellington, Exeter, Taunton, Yeovil and Plymouth. Here are three menus from these events.

Four sample menus, based on wedding food that we have provided. They include a light finger buffet, hot fork buffet, vegan cream tea and two finger and fork buffets.

Outside Event
This menu comes from an event where we provided 3 meals a day for 60 people for a whole week. It was hard work, but we loved (nearly) every minute.

If you are on a budget, check out these menus. They all come to £5.00 a head, excluding delivery.

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